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Our space consultants in Damariscotta & Augusta, ME will bring your vision to life

Enhance the beauty of your home with our professional interior remodeling services. The experts at Living Space by N.C. Hunt, LLC can handle any space, large or small, and turn it into a sophisticated, yet functional space. Looking to redo your master bedroom? We can handle that. Do you need to open up your living area? We can handle that, too.

From backsplashes and bathtubs to floors and fireplaces, our professional design and installation services will enhance the beauty of your home. Hire the space consultants you trust in Damariscotta & Augusta, ME today.

How can we transform your space?

How can we transform your space?

At Living Space Consultants, we offer several levels of interior remodeling services. Our team can help you simply select and arrange new furniture, or we can strip down the space and replace your backsplash, flooring, fireplace and other fixtures. Whatever your space needs, our team is ready to take it on.

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